If you see a particular pattern of cracking in your asphalt that seems to be the scales on an alligator’s back, you need to take immediate action to prevent further damage. Also called “fatigue” or “crocodile” cracking, alligator cracking is a serious problem that deteriorates with time and leads to bigger issues whenever left untreated. Peruse on to learn what causes this common problem and what can be done. 

alligator cracking in asphalt in utah

Alligator cracking usually caused by issues in the supporting material underneath your asphalt. If the subgrade was not properly prepared, it probably won’t be sufficiently thick or it it might not allow for adequate drainage. Even if the asphalt is sound, a flawed subgrade structure can’t uphold it under pressure. 


First thing you should do if you notice alligator cracking is to apply a crack filler or seal coating solution for the cracks. This won’t fix the main cause of the issue; however, it will slow the spread of damage while you arrange a real solution. Reducing the weight that the asphalt has to bear will slow or prevent further damage. Once you’ve taken those measures, contact a dependable asphalt paving and repair company to execute an implement a true solution. 


A knowledgeable asphalt contractor will have to dig into the asphalt to identify and repair the problems causing alligator cracking. Here are the steps that any qualified asphalt repair company will take: 

  • Identify & evaluate the problem – Your contractor will carefully assess the damage and take all aspects into consideration to identify the source of problem. This will help them with figuring out what your repair options are. 
  • Survey the sub-base – To analyze the full extent of the problem, your contractor should dig into the asphalt and assess the sub-base. They’ll be able to determine the underlying issues and how to modify the sub-base to prevent future damage. 
  • Repair the damage – If your asphalt is cracking in sections, your contractor might have the option to eliminate only those damaged areas, install a new sub-base, and lay new asphalt. If the cracking is widespread, the entire surface may need to be replaced, with a sub-base laid beneath it. At times, replacing the whole surface is more cost effective than proceeding to battle the ongoing effects of flawed asphalt constructions for years. 

While it may be too late for your existing asphalt, later on you can prevent alligator cracking by working with a legitimate and experienced asphalt paving and repair company. We are quality-driven experts with the ability to finish the work right the first time, you will not endure issues like alligator cracking down the road. We’ll do the proper research to determine the needs of your project based on soil composition, weather conditions, and weight bearing requirements so that we lay your asphalt with a perfectly prepared sub-base.  

If you discover alligator cracking in your asphalt coating, contact us for a quick, free consultation.  We can help assess the damage and come up with a solution that fits your asphalt conditions, your business, and your budget. 

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