Likewise, with everything in life, your asphalt has a lifecycle. From the second the ground is paved to its eventual restoration, there are multiple ways you can ensure your asphalt’s life span. A well-constructed, very much kept up with driveway or parking lot should last at least 25 years. Your asphalt has about five stages all through its life, every one of which can be fundamentally extended with timely, routine care. 

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Today we will be breaking down that asphalt lifecycle how best to extend your asphalt’s life as far as might be feasible:  


Newly introduced asphalt shouldn’t require any maintenance or upkeep for some time, beside routine seasonal care and general cleaning up. Continuously ensure leaves, branches, and other debris are cleared away, particularly before winter hits. To figure out how to winterize your asphalt, click here. You additionally need to keep it free from oil spots. Keeping heavy traffic off your asphalt will likewise help with elongate this period, as less cracks and broken patches will form. 


After the initial five years, cracks begin to form in the asphalt and the freshly-paved luster starts to fade. It’s the ideal time for some initial maintenance! Fill any cracks that have appeared and have an expert team come and sealcoat your asphalt. This will assist with safeguarding it during its adolescence and elongate this period as far as might be feasible. Sealcoating is a standard part of maintenance and ought to be performed every 3-5 years. 


Your asphalt is entering its adolescent years, how the time passes quickly. When your asphalt starts reaching at double digits in age, you’ll need to start focusing harder on regular maintenance. A second sealcoat, following our 3-5-year maintenance window from prior, is called for. You’ll likewise need to keep on looking out for new cracks. Another issue that could arise is broken patches. These will also require repairing when you notice them, the integrity of your asphalt is at stake. 

STAGE 4: 15-25 YEARS

This is normally the time in your asphalt’s life when major repairs start turning out to be more common. Cracks appear regularly, patches pop up out of nowhere, etc. A third sealcoat is called for, on the off chance that not an asphalt overlay. This is precisely exact thing it seems like; a thin layer of asphalt is overlaid to preserve the foundation of the asphalt. This is definitely not a full restoration; however, it will hold you over and permit your asphalt to reach at full retirement. 


You made it! Your asphalt has lived a good, long life, now’s the time for some major repairs or a complete replacement. After two-plus decades of weather, wear, and tear, your asphalt needs some major TLC. A basic sealcoating won’t cut it this time, you’ll need an asphalt overlay at a minimum or complete restoration. Your asphalt deserves it, you’ve kept up with your asphalt for a quarter of a century, and it’s time for a fresh start! You know who to call. 

Regardless of what lifecycle stage your asphalt is in, regular maintenance and upkeep are generally your best bet to extend the life of your asphalt speculation. For that, you need a team of consummate professionals ensuring it endures as long as possible. We protect your parking lot or driveway from all that the world and Nature through at it. We are a team of enthusiastic, professional asphalt experts who are anxious to assist your asphalt life as a good long life. To figure out what stage of life your asphalt is in, call us. We will make sure your asphalt is in top condition through its many stages of life. Reach us today to figure out more. 

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