Whenever the passage to your garage at the top of your driveway starts to sink and become depressed, this is known as a sunken apron. Sunken driveway and aprons can be a sign of greater damage to your driveway or even your foundation. This detracts the overall beauty of your home; however, it also poses a liability. Minor indented covers can cause trips and falls, burden, and even cause damage to your vehicle.

newly repaired sunken driveway in utah

Over time, freeze and defrost cycles in UTAH, affect the molecular stability of pavement. Once your garage apron starts to sink, this will continue to cause further deterioration in the adjacent pavement, especially at its edges. Add snow, rain, or different drainages to the mix, and the problem begins to compound. It might actually cause serious harm to other parts of your driveway.  

There is no doubt that a sunken apron is unpleasant to look at with its jagged edges and depression or dip. A sunken apron will certainly detract from your home’s value. But a sunken apron can also be a serious hazard, causing a financial liability and risking your family’s safety. 

Problems caused by a sunken apron:

  • Tire damage 
  • Suspension damage 
  • Tripping hazard 
  • Further driveway damage 

Sunken driveways and aprons can indicate extensive damage to your driveway or even your foundation. If moisture is getting under your garage apron, the integrity of your garage’s foundation is at risk. Degradation to your foundation will start to advance. Over time, water and salt can infiltrate the gap between the apron and garage floor, eroding the foundation and causing settlement. This can result in sinkholes or empty cavities. 


Our sunken apron repairs will get rid of the bump in front of your garage, making the top of your driveway look new again. We restore your garage apron to its proper grade and slope. This repair will extend all the way across the top of your driveway for a beautiful new look. 

The new asphalt will completely blend in, bonding thermally to the existing asphalt areas around it. 

Infrared repair benefits: 

  • Seamless 
  • No cut lines 
  • No water intrusion points 

As compared to other common driveway surfaces, asphalt driveways are moderately easy and economical to fix. However, the age of your driveway, the extent of required repairs, and your objectives for the driveway will assist you with concluding which option is best for you. Here is what you really want to be aware of patching, replacing and resurfacing your asphalt driveway. 


Infrared repair creates a new asphalt surface that will actually outlast the older asphalt around it. Your new asphalt appron will thermally bond to the existing pavement, creating a repair that will be waterproof for many years to come. Infrared repair works by thermally heating the damaged pavement area and then mixing in new asphalt. We level and roll the repair to create a perfectly graded apron that will last through many winters. 

There’s quality and care in every step Asphalt-Experts take to repair your sunken driveway: 

  • Saw cut and remove up to 3 feet of asphalt apron (amount varies to create proper drainage) 
  • Add new class 5 (base rock) to exposed area and fill eroded foundation 
  • Compact new base so there is no further settling or drainage issues 
  • Apply and rake new HOT asphalt to create seamless transition from garage to driveway 
  • Compact new asphalt to match existing driveway’s durability and texture 
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