Asphalt mileage isn’t anything strange in UTAH. Like any other object, driveways and parking lots additionally need ordinary TLC to perform well for long. This is the place where Asphalt Experts steps in. We repair and replace your driveways and roads so you never have a rough ride again. Sign up now and request a free estimate today! 

Here are a few signs that your asphalt surface needs a maintenance: 

asphalt surfaces in a parking lot in utah

The temperature of UTAH, on a winter’s night goes down to as low as 49 degrees. Water underneath the asphalt surface freezes and afterward liquefies during the day, prompting a pattern of expansion and contraction. This monotonous cycle causes repeated contraction and expansion to happen which then, after some time, makes the ground debilitate. 

At the point when the ground has sufficiently debilitated, it breaks apart and makes potholes. 

Potholes are the main reason behind why vehicles end up with punctured tires and shallow car damage. Furthermore, the best way to fix potholes is by resurfacing and repaving to guarantee smooth and evened out driveways and roads. 


Enormous cracks out and about are the most despicable aspect of each driver’s presence. They make water leak in and later freeze when the temperatures are very low – which then, at that point, prompts potholes. Large cracks are additionally solicitations to oil, salt, and gas to enter. This makes enormous cracks settle the score bigger, more extensive, and more profound if not resurfaced or replaced on time. 


Searing climate in Ogden will make your driveway to fade in color. Intense sun beams and harsh UV rays will – and do – discolor your asphalt surface and cause it to debilitate. For this reason, we stress getting your asphalt surface seal coated to drag out the surface’s life and assist with keeping up with its color for several years. 


Water pooling on your driveway is another sign that your asphalt surface needs either a maintenance or replacement. Drainage issues result from your asphalt surface not being at a formal level. At the point when your ground is lopsided, it will normally gather water into sunken area and make a pool. 

This water pool, which currently has been sitting by for a few long stretches of time, debilitates your asphalt surface and breaks the surface apart. With an asphalt repair or replacement, your driveway surface will be evened out to guarantee water pools, cracks, and potholes aren’t formed in future. 

On the off chance that little breaks, potholes, and water pools are ruling over your driveway and parking lots, it very well may be an ideal opportunity to call Asphalt Experts! Our paving experts in Ogden and up in the Valley (Liberty, Eden, Huntsville) – UTAH will pave, resurface, sealcoat, and repair your asphalt surface depending on the severity of damage! Sign up to get a free estimate and a smooth and stable driveway now! 

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