You can grind, blast, or chemically dissolve pavement markings from asphalt. Whether you really want to refresh your parking lot or conceal a line striping botch, you can trust our expertise. As a line striping contractor, we’ll help your parking lot look like new. Check out the different ways we can remove pavement markings from your parking lot. 

line stripping markings on asphalt

Way to remove pavement markings is to grind them away. However, doing this will not totally eliminate pavement markings. All things being equal, you’ll have a light outline of where the pavement markings used to be on your asphalt. This option is best if you want quick outcomes and couldn’t care less about getting the “perfect finish.” We’ll explain your options first so you can go with an informed decision.  

 In general, we might suggest grinding away a pavement marking on the off chance that it only effects a small patch of asphalt. That way, you’re able to protect the general look of your asphalt parking lot. 


Sound extreme? Just relax, we’re not using explosives. All things considered, our experts will use sand or water to blast the surface layer of your parking lot. Like that, we’ll be able to remove your old pavement markings. 

Whenever we’ve taken out the old pavement markings, we can paint new ones. For instance, you might need to make more handicap spaces close to the front of your building. We’ll be able to work with you to come up of the best parking lot design. 

Our team has the training and experience to blast away your old pavement markings securely. This leaves you with a “clean canvas” so you can make an asphalt parking lot that is ok for motorists and pedestrians.  

We offer services for parking lot line striping and are ready to help! 


We don’t suggest you to utilize chemical solvents. This is on the grounds that a large number of them also dissolve asphalt and sealcoating. The last thing you need is to cover up a line striping botch just to make more serious problems. 

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