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Over the years, Asphalt Experts has been a trusted asphalt service provider expending it service offerings to include excavation, grading, and concrete.  As well as the traditional asphalt paving, seal coating and crack seal. Let us know what you’re looking for on your next project.

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Imagine your driveway in North Ogden, Utah, as a lasting reflection of the state’s stunning landscapes. Representing both strength and beauty, it transcends mere asphalt. However, achieving long-lasting durability extends beyond asphalt pavement installation. The secret lies in when to apply the protective seal coat to protect asphalt.

Trust in Asphalt Experts’ expertise to preserve your driveways’ integrity for years to come.

Weather and Timing:

Utah’s climate influences the optimal timing for seal coating. Your driveways’ readiness aligns with dry and sunny weather. Seal coating during these conditions ensures efficient curing, preventing moisture from interfering with the process.

Temperature Matters:

Temperature is pivotal in asphalt curing. Wait until daytime temperatures consistently reach 70-80°F (21-27°C) for the best results. Warmth accelerates the curing process and ensures the sealant bonds seamlessly.

Asphalt Type and Curing:

Sealcoating timing varies based on asphalt type. Hot mix asphalt, frequently used for driveways, has a quicker curing time. Waiting around 90 to 180 days after installation allows the asphalt to cure and prepares it for the seal coating.

Visual Indicators:

Understanding your driveways’ cues enhances your decision-making process:

Color Shift: As asphalt cures, its color transforms from deep black to a lighter grey. This visual change signals the asphalts’ readiness for seal coating.

Tackiness Test: Gently press a finger on the asphalts’ surface. If the surface feels tacky or sticky, it’s best to postpone the seal coating process. Optimal timing is when the surface loses its tackiness.

Advantages of Precise Timing:

Applying the sealant at the right moment maximizes benefits:

Superior Bond: Timing matters because it helps the sealant stick well to the asphalt, making the seal coat stronger and last longer.

Enhanced Protection: Sealcoating at the right time shields your driveway from the sun, UV rays, water, chemicals, and harm, helping it stay strong.

Regular Maintenance: Regular maintenance is essential to ensure the longevity of asphalt surfaces. Tasks such as sweeping debris, repairing small cracks, and resealing the surface occasionally help maintain its good condition.

Crack Sealing: Crack sealing is crucial to prevent water infiltration and extend the life of the asphalt. Asphalt sealer and crack filler prevents water from penetrating the pavement and causing further damage.

Proper Drainage: Proper drainage is vital in preserving asphalt surfaces and preventing damage. It ensures that water does not pool on the surface of the driveway or parking lot, which can lead to erosion over time.

Regular Inspections: Regular inspections help detect issues early and prevent costly repairs in the future. By identifying problems early on, homeowners can address them before they worsen.

Asphalt Experts’ Signature Touch:

Asphalt Experts’ understanding of Utah’s climate and asphalt composition sets them apart. Their experience helps them know the best time to sealcoat your driveway, ensuring it sticks well and adds a strong layer of protection.

By sealcoating and regular maintenance practices, you can extend the life of your asphalt surfaces and protect your investment. Rely on professionals like Asphalt Experts to keep your driveway in top condition for years to come. Sealcoating not only protects your driveway but also boosts its curb appeal, ensuring it stays beautiful for years.

Trust Asphalt Experts – Your Partner for Asphalt Care Excellence in Utah. 

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Maintenance Services, PAVING & Repairs

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Cracks should be filled as soon as possible to prevent water from penetrating and causing further damage. Regular inspections and prompt repair of cracks are essential for maintaining the longevity of your asphalt.

Proper drainage prevents water from pooling on the asphalt surface, which can lead to deterioration. Ensure that your driveway has a functional drainage system to avoid water damage.

Resurfacing or an overlay is recommended when the driveway shows signs of wear but isn't completely deteriorated. It involves adding a new layer of asphalt over the existing one, extending the life of the driveway without the need for a full replacement.

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