For the majority, in UTAH spring means longer days, blossoming perennials, baseball… and, we should not forget, potholes. Potholes are, obviously, not just unattractive, they’re additionally incredibly perilous for the drivers and pedestrians. In fact, as indicated by the travel agency recent estimates, the damage done to vehicles from unnecessarily rolling over them (or at times into them), is costing Americans $3 billion in damages annually. This makes it unbelievably important for private and public property owners to repair potholes, also normally alluded to as chuckholes and pots, as quickly as possible. 

asphalt pothole for repair in utah

What Causes the Formation of Potholes?

Cracks, water, winter cold, and summer sun and presto you have potholes!  

When water gets under the asphalt, expands when frozen, and contracts when it liquefies. The development debilitates the asphalt and the contraction leaves cracks behind, which eventually cause the pavement to collapse. The end results? Potholes which can sometimes seem to appear overnight – especially in poorly maintained areas. 

pavement pothole demonstration

The Best Pothole Repair Services

Asphalt Maintenance :

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Benjamin Franklin

The cost of addressing minor issues through a preventive asphalt maintenance program is much less than addressing major deficiencies, such as potholes. Asphalt maintenance should be performed by a professional asphalt paving and repair company when roadways and parking lots are still in good condition. These services include crack sealing which can potentially stop or delay the formation of potholes since water intrusion cannot occur. 

Patching Potholes :

Patching is the method involved with filling pothole or excavated areas in the pavement. Fixing them will help controlling further crumbling and costly fix of the asphalt. Without convenient fixing, water can get under the asphalt, causing further damage to occur. A few fixing techniques exist including: quick patching, full-depth or deep patching, surface patching, spray-injection patching, infrared heater patching, and cold weather emergency patching. 

Extensive Pothole Repair :

This involves repaving a parking lot or roadway. Using a hot mix of asphalt to make a stable, extremely durable solution for an area inclined to potholes. Legitimate compaction is key to ensuring a permanent fix. Generally using medium to large-sized rollers depending on the size of the area needing fix. An appropriately compacted area should be overfilled to ensure it can endure the weight of vehicles driving on it every day of the week. 

asphalt pothole repair in utah
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