It’s practically that time of season again. Hopefully, this year will be good to us and our driveways. In any case, it’s absolutely impossible to tell. That gives us only one option — prepare. We would rather not abandon our asphalt driveways, so there are a few steps you’ll have to take to safeguard their look and life expectancy. 

asphalt driveway on winter in utah

You’re most likely previously starting your winterizing steering, protecting specific areas, and putting weathering strips around windows. Along these lines, while you’re working diligently setting up your inside, you should begin contemplating your outside. For the most part, your driveway. 

Your driveway goes through standard mileage over time, yet cold and inclement weather conditions present a considerably tougher challenge for pavement. 

Winter weather conditions can damage your parking lot and lead to significant repair costs. However, you can prevent the damage by taking the time to prepare your parking lot for the changing seasons. Performing regular parking lot maintenance is a brilliant speculation that will fundamentally improve the life expectancy of your parking lot while additionally helping you to avoid common problems.  

Here a few of the most effective tips to prepare parking lots for winter. 


One of the easiest ways of preparing parking lots for winter is dependably to keep them clean. Utilizing a leaf blower or sweeper is an incredible way to remove debris and establish a lot safer environment for both your employees and customers. 


Another way to prepare parking lots for winter is to use sealcoating services to expand the life expectancy of your parking lot. Sealcoating assumes a key part in keeping your parking lot smoother while likewise shielding it from typical wear and tear. It is smart to sealcoat your parking lot each 3 to 4 years for maximum durability. 


Standing areas of water is an indication that you have a water drainage issue in your parking lot. Standing water can make critical damage to your parking lot, particularly throughout the winters. Fixing any seepage issues is a main concern to ensure that you are prepared for the upcoming winter season. 


It’s no secret that frozen temperatures, ice melting products, and general enduring negatively affect asphalt pavement. While there are unquestionably a lot of advantages to having an asphalt driveway in colder environments, they aren’t indestructible. There are a couple of reasons behind why you should take an additional consideration this fall to prepare your asphalt driveway for winter. 

Forestalling damage like cracks or potholes is simply best way to save yourself money down the line. While you can fill cracks with hot rubber crack  refiller or resurface areas that need taking care of, it’s far easier to be proactive than responsive. 

Staying away from superfluous repairs is a no-brainer. As we referenced, neglecting to winterize your driveway can prompt potholes and cracks, which will ultimately should be repaired. To set aside yourself time and money, prepare your driveway for winter. 

If you do plan on trying to seal your driveway yourself, here are some basic steps. 

  • Buy no-mix asphalt sealer 
  • Completely clean off your driveway 
  • Trim any plant life that may be hanging over your driveway 
  • Tape any surfaces that are adjacent to your asphalt driveway that you don’t want to be sealed 
  • Starting at your garage or carport and moving down, pour the sealer from one side of the pavement to the other (use a 6-inch-wide bead of sealer was you pour) 
  • Use a driveway squeegee tool to help you spread a thin layer of the sealer down your driveway 
  • Apply another layer perpendicular to your first so that the coats overlap 
Note: Once you begin pouring your sealer, you need to continuously spread it to avoid it from drying out too quickly. Also, the temperature should be a minimum of 60° F.

Recall those notes you took about problem areas in your driveway? Indeed, before winter arrives, you’ll need to take care of that straight. On the off chance that you notice any cracking or potholes, make sure you call a professional to get those taken care of before winter arrives. 

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