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Over the years, Asphalt Experts has been a trusted asphalt service provider expending it service offerings to include excavation, grading, and concrete.  As well as the traditional asphalt paving, seal coating and crack seal. Let us know what you’re looking for on your next project.

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Asphalt Enemies? We’ve Got You Covered!

March 31, 2024/

Looking for dependable asphalt repair and maintenance in Utah? Turn to Asphalt Experts, one of the top paving companies to firms around. We’ve earned our reputation through hard work in Ogden, Liberty, Eden, Huntsville, and beyond. Count on us…

Asphalt Foundation: 3 Non-Negotiable Steps

March 9, 2024/

The quality of the material you use for your road base is crucial. But even more important is having a good plan and taking your time when you put it all together. You need good materials, a solid plan,…

Winter Maintenance Tips for Utah Asphalt Driveways

January 5, 2024/

Winter can be hard on Utah’s asphalt because there is routinely ice and snow on the ground. And a new driveway is especially vulnerable. Once you seal coat the driveway, approximately 6 months after installation, it will have protection…


December 25, 2023/

Asphalt paving is important for roads and buildings in the Ogden, Utah. It provides strong and affordable options for surfaces such as driveways, parking lots, and sidewalks. The quality of the foundation significantly influences the durability and effectiveness of…


December 15, 2023/

Imagine your driveway in North Ogden, Utah, as a lasting reflection of the state’s stunning landscapes. Representing both strength and beauty, it transcends mere asphalt. However, achieving long-lasting durability extends beyond asphalt pavement installation. The secret lies in when…


Maintenance Services, PAVING & Repairs

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Cracks should be filled as soon as possible to prevent water from penetrating and causing further damage. Regular inspections and prompt repair of cracks are essential for maintaining the longevity of your asphalt.

Proper drainage prevents water from pooling on the asphalt surface, which can lead to deterioration. Ensure that your driveway has a functional drainage system to avoid water damage.

Resurfacing or an overlay is recommended when the driveway shows signs of wear but isn't completely deteriorated. It involves adding a new layer of asphalt over the existing one, extending the life of the driveway without the need for a full replacement.

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