Asphalt experts in Ogden, Eden, Liberty and Huntsville are focused on working productively and creating quality results. But not all asphalt companies share hard working attitude. As a matter of fact, asphalt paving scams are surprisingly normal. Scammers love to target homes that have old, deteriorating driveways. They might try and watch a house to see who lives there and are bound to move toward mortgage holders who are old or young and inexperienced. Fortunately, numerous dishonest contractors use same scams. Asphalt Experts will help you to recognize them before you pay a penny. On the off chance that you suspect you’re dealing a scammer, file a report with your local police department. 

asphalt paving scams warning in utah

Additionally, follow these tips below to avoid from asphalt paving scams. 


Never trust contractors who promise deep discounts. With regards to asphalt paving, you get what you pay for. It’s worth requiring your investment to explore asphalt companies prior to focusing on driveway repair or replacement. Often scammers can offer low prices since they guarantee they’re using leftover materials from a previous job. Remember that what these scammers are offering is totally different in relation to asphalt recycling. While other companies like Asphalt Experts uses recycled asphalt and ensure that we have enough for your driveway. Scammers use scraps from a past jobs to repair your driveway somewhat. At the point when they run out of asphalt, they promise to return the next day just to disappear with your money. 


Established driveway pavers have gone through years to build their reputations by providing quality work. Scammers move from one town to another to try not to get caught. That is the reason an obscure contractor might have an out-of-state license plate. Regardless of whether a company representative gives you a local phone number, that is not an assurance that they’re from your area. It’s normal for scammers to give you a local number that goes to a disposable phone. That is the reason you should always research before you hire a contractor. 


Try not to pay your contractor in cash, especially if they’re insisting you to pay an immense single amount up front. That is a significant warning. Always have a paper work. For instance, you’ll need to keep copies of any checks you give the contractor and write a detailed description in the memo field. Also, remember that debit and credit don’t offer similar protections. You can question a charge on a Mastercard. But many banks don’t protect debit transactions similarly. Contingent upon the scale of your project, a contractor might request a percentage of the total cost up front. But the rest of the payments should be lurched all through the project, offering you the chance to inspect the work at different stages. Ensure your contact outlines a reasonable payment plan before you and your contractor sign. 


Genuine companies and contractors don’t need to go door-to-door to request business. Instead, they rely on their company’s reputation and marketing to attract new customers. It’s generally a warning if the contractors knock on your door and insists you to acknowledge a gauge you didn’t request. Similarly, don’t believe someone who calls you straightforwardly to say that they’ve seen the condition of your driveway and need to offer their services. This is only a variation of a same scam. 

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